Lately consulting has become a large part of my career and I truly enjoy working with schools and empowered when it comes to utilizing technology in academia. Recently I have been working with various administrators, teachers, students and parents in the areas of technology leadership, anything and everything iPad related, and with digital citizenship.

Presentation Needs

Typically I need the following as a presenter:

  • laptop projector,
  • an Apple TV (or I can bring my own),
  • projector screen,
  • power strip with two free outlets,
  • Internet access for myself, and
  • Internet access for your participants.

Please let me know how many participants there will be, how participants will be seated, whether some or all of the participants will have laptops, what the room setup looks like, bandwidth capacity of the facility, etc.


Please use the following information for checks, contracts, etc.

Dana Specker Watts
PO Box 557
Neavitt, MD 21652