As a recovering high school and undergraduate English literature teacher, I love to write.  I believe I began writing on a regular basis during my preteen years and haven’t stopped yet.  In the past I have written poems, plays, short stories and novels.  Someday I will figure out the right venue to attempt to publish some or all of these, but those were written back in the day when email, blogs, websites and saving things to the cloud didn’t exist.

I am currently working on a few new educational pieces, but here is a short list of a few things I have written or helped write recently:

When my school decided to go 1:1 iPads in 2011, I began compiling information on iPads and ways we intended to use them at our school.  This endeavour brought me to create a small handbook titled: “iPads for Learning: A Handbook for Using iPads as a 1:1 Device“.  This book is heavily influenced on the shared resources of many international schools, including Yokohama International School, Hong Kong International School and International School of Bangkok.

I regularly write and reflect on my learning on my professional blog:

Additionally, while at AES, I wrote a weekly journal of technology updates and ideas which can be found here:

And one of my first passions was the merger of technology with English literature and I explored a multitude of ways to use ePortfolios with students to help them create an ownership of learning that extend well beyond the walls of our institutions.  These ideas can be found and explored here:

And finally, a combination of all of the classroom blogs I have created over the past few years can be found here: