Presentation Topics:

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Impact on Learning

  • Infusing Creativity with Technology
  • Cross Curricular Applications with iPads
  • Impact, Redesign & the Role of Learning with TPACK
  • Navigating a 1:1 iPad classroom
  • SAMR: A Journey Toward Transformation with iPads
  • Redesigning Learning Spaces: How Mobile Technology Demands a New Classroom
  • Student Centered Lessons: Redefining Classroom Instruction
  • Documentation of Learning with iPads
  • Using Technology to Reach Multiple Intelligences
  • Making Thinking Visible with iPads
  • Mobile Devices for Formative Assessment
  • Content Area Specific App Exploration
  • Utilizing iTunes U for Course Development
  • Anything and Everything Google for Your Classroom

Targeted Professional Development

  • Leveraging iPads for Admin Efficiency
  • Parenting with iPads
  • iPads for the ES Learning Environment
  • iPads in the Library
  • iPads for Specialist Teachers
  • Language Arts and iPads
  • PE & iPads, Oh My!

Digital Citizenship & Information Literacy

  • Developing an Action Plan for Success
  • Digital Citizenship Integration with an iPad Roll-Out & Deployment
  • The Road Toward Digital Citizenship

Infrastructure / Logistics

  • 1:1 Roll-Out: Management & Logistics
  • Policies, Procedures, & the Legal Land Mines of an 1:1 Program
  • Distribution of Apps and International iTunes accounts
  • iPad Logistics and Scenarios: Carts, Personal Ownership, Institutional Ownership vs. Layered Ownership